Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Dentist

Published: 15th September 2010
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There are several advantages and disadvantages of being a dentist, even for a professional office like TMJ Dentistry. However, the advantages largely out way the disadvantages, because spending a lifetime helping people become healthier and happier is the most rewarding experience anyone could ask for.


A dentistís job is to help their patients improve and maintain healthy teeth and gums. While working in the medical field can be difficult and expensive, there are a variety of benefits to becoming a dentist. To start with, dentists are some of the highest income earners in the United States, making well over $100,000 a year. Some dentists who choose to go to school longer and get a specialty within the dentistry field can make significantly more than this.

Dentists work in their own private practice. This allows them to be their own and work the hours they choose. They also have the ability to choose the medical benefits they want to carry for their employees. Dentists hold a prestigious position in most communities because their lives are dedicated to helping people. It is an easy field for women and minorities to succeed in, and one that offers a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Something you will need to consider is that dentists are required to complete at least eight years of schooling, and they need to meet certain licensing or certification requirements before they are allowed to practice dentistry. Dental schools are highly competitive and are sometimes hard to get into.

Aside from schooling and professional requirements, any dentist who owns his own private practice will also need to have a business license and insurance, because he owns his own dental business.

The field of dentistry has many different types you can choose to specialize in. Those who treat families are not only responsible for diagnosing, detecting and treating oral diseases, but also to teach them how to properly maintain and clean their gums and teeth.

Another dental field to choose from is cosmetic dentistry, where you would improve the aesthetic appeal of your patientsí teeth through a variety of techniques and surgical restoration. You would restore and maintain teeth that have been damaged by accident or disease. You could also choose to work with children and go into pediatric dentistry. There are many closely related jobs within the field of dentistry that share the same benefits, and risks, as being a dentist. These can include being a prosthodontist, orthodontist or endodontist.


Dentists work to improve the lives and comfort of their patients. Unfortunately nothing is perfect and there are some disadvantages to being a dentist.

Every once in a while you will get a patient who does not know how to clean his teeth or simply does not care to. These types of patients usually only come to see a dentist in an emergency situation, so you get to see them at their dental worst.

As a hazard of the profession, dentists are often required to hunch or bend over to work on a patient for a long period of time. After doing this for several years, you can imagine what kind of back and neck paid it might cause.

As with most types of medical practices, there is usually a good deal of blood involved. Making skin contact with someone elseís blood can sometimes result in the contraction of a disease or illness. Dentists typically wear gloves and face masks, but accidents still occur.

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