Leather Wristband Trends for 2009

Published: 16th September 2009
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Leather wristbands originated in the 1980's, worn by punk rock bands and musicians. Today, the leather wristband has become a major fashion trend - smart, chic, hip, playful and everything in between. There's a style and design for both genders and perfect for every occasion.

Leather cuff wristbands are current the most popular trend today. While a wide leather band has a more masculine look, a narrow band has a broader appeal. Buckles and eyelets are a great way to spruce up a man's wristband, giving it that "devil may care" feel to it. Texture on the band such as weaving, contrasting stitching colors, engravings and gemstones are great feminine touches to a woman's leather wristband.

The most common types of hides for leather are cow, sheep, buffalo and oxen. The best leather requires no treatment during the tanning processes, however, most hides are vegetable tanned - using a substance from plants and tree bark - to stabilize the material.

One way to identify the quality of leather is to determine its origin. European leather, particularly Italian, is considered the best for its chrome-tanned and malleable surface with a silky sheen. Middle Eastern leather is also a very fine choice. North American leather is generally considered durable and affordable.

When purchasing leather, also be aware of how it smells. Poor leather can sometimes smell like chemicals, or worse, they can smell decayed.

One of the most important features about leather is the grain. A quality piece will be supple if bent with the grain. Any indication of a crack means an inferior product. Full or top grain leather is clean and soft, originating from the top section of the animal hides which contains the epidermis. These hides haven't been sanded, buffed or corrected. Any imperfections in the hide remain intact. The grains are natural, giving the leather breathability, strength and greater durability. They stand up well to wear and will reveal a natural patina over time.

Only the best rawhide is used in the manufacture of this leather, which contains two finishes: aniline or semi-aniline. Leather is rotated in drums containing transparent aniline dye for twelve hours to produce an impressive finish. This enhances the natural blemishes in the leather grain. The semi-aniline dye is dyed in the absorbent aniline dye, then is applied as a top coat which is resistant to soil and fading.

Whether you're looking for a refined stunner, a pretty charmer, an unusual showpiece or a bold statement, a leather wristband qualifies for every occasion.

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